Backgammon Board


$ 220 AUD

Add one of the oldest known boardgames to your collection. Backgammon involves a combination of strategy and lucky This beautiful handcrafted full size backgammon board comes in a folding case and features a playing field made of tonal velvety soft felt.

All the game pieces fit nicely within the game case for easy storage. The board includes 30 chips in two different colors, 4 dice in two different colors and 1 doubling cube. Also available in Travel Size

Measurements: Closed dimension are 36 cms x 48 cms


Shipping + Postage Info

Please be aware that at Cove. we have two locations which stock can be sent from, one in the Sunshine Coast, Australia and another in Bali, Indonesia.

For detailed information around delivery times and shipping rates, depending on your location, please head to Shipping + Postage for more info.

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