Deluxe Incense Sticks
Deluxe Incense Sticks
Deluxe Incense Sticks

Deluxe Incense Sticks

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Ideal for meditation, yoga or relaxation, these natural incense sticks are hand-rolled in Pondacherry, India from various blends of hand picked petals, herbs, spices, gums and resins. With beautiful bespoke packaging, they make the perfect gift when paired with our ceramic incense burner.

Packet of 15 incense in 4 exotic scents from the Cottage Industries Deluxe Collection:

Warm, resinous, rich and earthy
Peaceful, fragrant sap of the Bodhi tree
Tranquil, creamy woodsy aroma
Exotic night flowering Jasmine tree

Directions: Light the coated tip of the incense stick until a flame appears, then blow out the flame and place in your incense burner to slowly smoulder.