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Cove Seminyak

Nestled on the sun-kissed shores of Seminyak, we're super happy to introduce you to the newest addition to Cove.
Now with concept stores in Berawa and Bingin, Cove's beachfront shop in Seminyak promises to redefine your Bali shopping experience, giving you a taste of island life.Cove Seminyak 

To capture the soul of our Seminyak boutique, Sheila from Bali Interiors, a talented photographer with a penchant for revealing the unique character of spaces, stepped behind the lens. Through her beautiful photographs, Sheila beautifully conveyed the warmth and welcoming ambiance of our concept store, which feels more like a coastal retreat than a traditional shop. The cozy, natural, and authentic atmosphere invites you to explore, with pastel hues and a thoughtful layout creating an intimate space that beckons you to discover.

Cove's Seminyak store goes beyond the usual boutique; it's a unique collection of fashion, gifts and homewares, reflecting a chilled-out yet chic island lifestyle. Whether you're hunting for a gift, the perfect linen wrap dress for a beach stroll or looking to jazz up your pad with cool rugs and pottery, Cove's got you covered. Handpicked lifestyle products and limited-edition artworks add to the store's relaxed charm, making sure every visit uncovers a special treasure. Even if you aren’t staying at the W Hotel Seminyak, come and explore our new little shop, where every item has its own story to tell, and let the island vibes inspire you as you dive into Cove.

Cove. Seminyak Store Check out Bali Interior’s article about our store and the Cove experience here.

Photos: Sheila Man | Bali Interiors

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