Island Styling with Kaya Soleiz

Kaya Soleiz, is always on the hunt for an endless summer. Born in Poland, Kaya is a passionate photographer known for capturing the essence of conscious brands through her film analog photography. After 19 years in rainy London, she recently ventured through Bali and has now settled in Greece. Living by the ocean inspires her creativity with the warmth of the sun and the blues of the water.

Kaya Soleiz for Cove

Kaya's visual tales beautifully intertwine femininity, travel, and the splendour of nature, exuding authenticity and timeless allure.
Here are some snippets of Kaya’s new home in Mykonos, and take a glimpse at how she effortlessly infuses Cove. fashion and lifestyle pieces into her surrounds. 

Island Styling Kaya Soleiz

“What I love about Cove. is its perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality, combined with outstanding quality. The earthy colors soothe the soul, making me feel like I can carry a piece of Bali with me wherever I go. I see Cove. as a brand with integrity. Also, as a self-confessed papyrophiliac (stationery-obsessed), I am irresistibly drawn to their beautiful journals and books,” says Kaya. Dive into Island Styling with us and get inspired by Kaya’s laid-back vibe that truly defines the Cove. aesthetic.

Island Styling Kaya Soleiz

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