Copper Dry Body Brush

The Art of Slō Living

$ 60 AUD

Designed to elevate your dry brush experience and the health of your lymphatic system. Slō’s Ionic copper dry body brush will be your new favourite daily detox tool with wide ranging beauty and health benefits for your lymphatic system. Start your day feeling energized with ion-charged bristles that wake up the body, exfoliates the skin, reduces cellulite & restores electromagnetic balance. Complete your self-care routine with Bian Stone Body Gua Sha.

Why Copper Bristles?

Compared to conventional dry brushing methods, the gentle friction generated by the copper bristles gives rise to an abundance of negative ions that protects the body from free radical damage and reduces the acidity levels in the body. Copper is also a natural antibacterial and antiviral. 

How to use:

Before getting started spend a few moments activating your lymph by performing a few small jumps to enhance the circulation of lymphatic fluid throughout your body. Follow by gently tapping on the key lymph nodes located around the body: above the collarbones, the armpits, bikini line and behind the knees. To promote full body lymphatic drainage, use on legs, torso, arms, and neck.

Shipping + Postage Info

Please be aware that at Cove. we have two locations which stock can be sent from, one in the Sunshine Coast, Australia and another in Bali, Indonesia.

For detailed information around delivery times and shipping rates, depending on your location, please head to Shipping + Postage for more info.

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