Cove. Keyrings


$ 7 AUD

Unlock a world of joy with our vibrant keychains, each one a fun and unique gift that adds a pop of colour to your daily routine. Embrace the carefree spirit with words that beautifully capture the essence of Cove and island life, from "permanent vacation" to  and "Live like you're on Holiday." These quirky companions are perfect for adding a touch of personality to your keys or bags, making every day a little more lively. With a spectrum of vibrant colours to choose from, discover the key to spreading good vibes and carrying a piece of positive energy wherever you go.

Shipping + Postage Info

Please be aware that at Cove. we have two locations which stock can be sent from, one in the Sunshine Coast, Australia and another in Bali, Indonesia.

For detailed information around delivery times and shipping rates, depending on your location, please head to Shipping + Postage for more info.

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