COVE Smudge Bundle - Calm
COVE Smudge Bundle - Calm

COVE Smudge Bundle - Calm

It's a fantastic ritual to clear a space energetically and to create new beginnings. With our COVE "Calm" bundle you can do all that and promote calmness in a world full of chaos. Featuring amethyst energy calming properties for those who have issues with focusing and concentration. Amethyst healing stones calm the owner and leaving amethyst crystal clusters in the workplace or at home can help with stress and anxiety.

Simply light the sage wand or palo santo stick and remove all negative vibes from your home and life.

Our bespoke "CALM" bundle includes:

1 Amethyst Cluster 
1 White Sage Wand
1 Palo Santo Stick ( also known as Holy Wood )

1 Selenite Stick
1 Abalone Shell

Plus our COVE cloth bag and instructions on how to smudge yourself, your home or objects.

Also available in "LOVE" bundle.