Magic Moon & Cozy Cloud Music Box

Unique Love Design

$ 110 AUD

Handmade in Hamburg, Germany. The Cozy Cloud and Magic Moon mobile music boxes are designed to promote a calming sleep ritual for your baby, ensuring a feeling of security. Familiar melodies radiate peace and help little ones relax, gently guiding them to the land of dreams. With their natural and puristic design, these hanging mobiles are not only functional but also a wonderful eye-catcher in every baby room.

Song : Somewhere over the rainbow. 

Shipping + Postage Info

Please be aware that at Cove. we have two locations which stock can be sent from, one in the Sunshine Coast, Australia and another in Bali, Indonesia.

For detailed information around delivery times and shipping rates, depending on your location, please head to Shipping + Postage for more info.

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