A while back we spent a day at Casa Tulum with model Tarah Rodgers and photographer Annyck Benth, to shoot some of our classic summer pieces. Crisp cotton tops, elegant bucket hats and neutral toned linen maxi dresses, matched the muted tones of this beautifully renovated home in Pererenan, Bali.

At Cove. we love interiors and design, as much as fashion, so we swooned over the attention to detail, the hand crafted wall colours and the beautiful interior decoration of the house that was created by the talented Canggu Collective. 

Model @tarahrodgers
Photographer @annyck

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I love your store and have been following your transition from clothes to accessories and interiors .
Everything is nicely curated and attentions are in the details .
I love your new rugs and the new look of the store !!
So many treasures to discover !!!
Well done .

Isabelle Gomez September 15, 2022

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