Meet Anny Elff, a natural beauty from Moscow, Russia, who featured in LILYA's Spring Summer 21 EDEN campaign, which we stock exclusively in Bali at Cove. Anny is a natural beauty and a model living her best life on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia and the girls at LILYA had a sit down and a lovely chat with her about her life, her hobbies, and her work.
Read the interview and see below for some amazing photos of the campaign shot here in Bali.

Tell us about yourself, your hobbies, and what you got going on in your life right now?
Well, if you are talking about me in a nutshell, I always try to look on the bright side. To see the world as a true fairyland, not bearing in mind all sad and dark things happening around at the moment.... My occupation helps me a lot in this, as modelling is a true source for a traveller, and I just love visiting new beautiful places. Also people around the world, whom I meet in this industry, are the most exciting storytellers. So many interesting things, I've learned from them!! As for hobbies, I would have to say anything and everything which is connected with Mother Nature is an activity that I am fond of. Being stuck now in Bali during Covid, I enjoy surfing and freediving, yoga and meditation. I am reading quite a lot and learning online currently in Ayurvedic Institute of holistic medicine. 
It is important to keep being healthy and exercise especially in these times. What are your tips and tricks for living a healthy lifestyle?
I love how the world is now starting to switch focus from the word "slim" to the word "healthy". It is what is really important. I think for truly feeling and being healthy, not only in your body, but also in the mind and soul, you need to find balance and harmony with your inner self. No diets and workouts can help a person, if they feel completely stressed. So I believe the first thing is acceptance on who you are already are, as it will relieve so much stress of your shoulders and this is the first and most important step towards health. 
Does your healthy lifestyle have an impact to having beautiful flawless skin? How do you take care of your skin?
In my case I would say it is all about genetics mixed with a clean fulfilling diet. My skin routine is super simple, I use a few natural products and I just try to avoid sugary and processed food and nature and my body take care of the rest.
Since you are in the modelling world, what do you think about beauty and body image?
There are so many visions of beauty now and I love it. People should stop seeing only one standard of beauty and start accepting all types of it, all types of bodies and visions without any shame or blame. Acceptance is what is really beautiful.
Tell us about where you want to go next...
I just love travelling, it is my biggest passion. Covid has definately made us stop this for a bit, but I am dreaming of my next journey. I can't wait to visit your home country, especially for me the cities of Sydney and Perth. It's super close to Bali and you have such beautiful nature, surf and those amazing animals…. I can't wait to meet them. I also want to do a road trip, all the way from Sydney to Byron Bay and the Gold Coast, take a few weeks to explore the beaches and the landscape and meet the people.

Brand: LILYA

Photographer: Natalie Karpushenko

Model: Anny Elff

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